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SmyanSoft helps transform OEMs, suppliers, dealers and automotive finance companies into modern enterprises creating exceptional vehicles and experiences leveraging human-centered design, data driven intelligence and at-scale digital engineering.

It’s time to embrace the ecosystem and collaborate beyond industry lines to find new ways of innovating and partnering for success.

What We Do

We help automotive companies to drive efficiencies, unlock new value, enhance the customer experience and create new business models.

  • Product Engineering

    We work with OEM engineering groups and Tier1 suppliers to conceptualize, design, develop and validate vehicle components and systems. SmyanSoft’s extensive software product services and accelerator foundations provide faster time to market, superior user experiences, and continuous evolution of your product. Our solutions include:

    • Product Architecture
    • DevOps Processes
    • Rapid Prototyping and UX
    • Software Development
    • Product Testing and Integration
    • Infrastructure Management
    • Consulting and Training
  • Electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem

    We help electric vehicle (EV) startups and OEMs in develop autonomous, connected, product development, analytics, cloud, IoT and manufacturing operations.

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  • Connected Vehicles

    SmyanSoft has been developing automotive software solutions for connected vehicles. Our engineers leverage the experience gained from each of our client projects to your benefit.

    With connected vehicles, the development of embedded systems and IT system development are closely linked. Because we are knowledgeable in both areas, our vehicle networking solutions exceed exacting requirements in terms of data security.

    • Electrical/electronic software development
    • IT system & application development
    • Manintenace & technical services
    • Testing & integrations
  • Manufacturing and supply chain transformation

    We help your business run its core processes smartly and efficiently. Among our success stories: implementing digital factory solutions to help prevent parts shortages in assembly line processes. We also transform legacy value streams for new product lines such as electric vehicles, while incorporating supply chain visibility and control tower.

    • Manufacturing IT
    • MES /MOM (L1 & L2 support)
    • Automation, IoT
    • Cloud, Data Analytics, AI
    • AR-VR and Mobility Apps
    • Supply chain as a service (SCaaS)
  • Cybersecurity

    We works with automotive enterprises around the world and has over ten years experience in the security space. Many of our end-to-end security solutions leverage leading cloud platforms from our partners at AWS, Google and Microsoft.

    • Penetration Testing
    • Vulnerability Scan
    • Defense against replay attacks
    • Defense against fuzzing
    • Hardware-Based Security
  • Cloud IT and DevOps

    SmyanSoft Mobility helps large companies meet the requirements necessary to deploy DevOps successfully. Using tools and best practices developed over time, our DevOps specialists leverage SmyanSoft Mobility, the cloud and our DevOps dashboard to break down applications into service modules. In this way, the applications can be implemented entirely via a cloud service going forward, making them scalable as well.

  • Customer Experience

    We help OEMs and dealers provide a personalized sales and service experience to their customers. Among our solutions: a digital marketing platform that automates and streamlines vehicle sales management and improves the customer experience. Our campaign management and analytics solutions help determine where consumers are in the buying journey and generate targeted offers to convert the sale.


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